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James Rayers, post: 217212, member: 41325 wrote:
Scarcity has been mentioned and working that in is key. It can be the form of a special price attached to a date, or even just saying your availability for work is good if the customer can commit by a set date. I’ve been advised to put dates on all sales documents, even if they’re arbitrary.

I’ve not done this so far, but it’s so common in my pitches to editors!

It’s also worth thinking about what a ‘commit’ actually means. The final commit for me is a paid deposit invoice, but I first get someone to return a signed proposal document. The final page of each proposal basically says “I’m keen and I will pay the first invoice by this date”. I stumbled into this system, but upon research it’s called foot-in-the-door. If you can get someone to first commit to a small thing, they’re more likely to commit to the next big thing (the invoice).

This is a good point – for me, I don’t start work unless the client has paid the deposit. I send them a proposal first so there’s a scope of work. Is it wise getting a signed agreement first, then the deposit? What do you think?