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i’m in agreement with James, We used to do alot of WordPress development and now times have changed. Most of our work on E-commerce sites is now on Shopify with many customers migrating from WordPress / WooCommerce to Shopify.
We prefer Shopify as our customers are able to manage the stores easily themselves once they are built plus the hosting is very reliable and the third party apps tend to work well ( albeit with some tweaking needed on occasion ).
In addition to the above the overall support and community is extremeley good so novices shouldn’t have a problem getting a store up and running reasonably quickly.

Main Downfall compared to WordPress is the transaction fees and monthly hosting but once you add it all up it is still prob cheaper for most business rather than having to pay a developer to manage your wordpress site ( if needed )

Second downfall is that some of the Shopify themes could do with a refresh and some premium themes don’t have all the required features but customising them isn’t to much of an issue.

Overall it comes down to personal preference and what is right for your business. For the majority of small business Shopify will work just fine and will save time on store development and more time on growing the business. However for larger stores that have aspirations of being the next ‘Iconic’ or ‘ASOS’ then standard Shopify might not be the way forward and Shopify Enterprise / Magento or WordPress would be more suitable options.