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MatthewKeath, post: 217966, member: 3997 wrote:
If you wish to establish yourself as the expert, then blogging is one very important tool. People read blog from people they know give great info and insight.

I know you read blogs, so maybe by starting to using blogging as one of her tools the OP can establish herself as the expert?

Simply pointing to a bunch of failed blogs does not really say anything about anything.
I posted the above because Jayne (the FS Concierge) asked for my input.

We are not disagreeing about blogs being a potentially useful communications tool.

I only have questions. In this case it is two mission critical ones:

1. Is a blog the best tool for this job?
2. Does the site owner have the knowledge, skill and time to use the tool effectively?

1. Is a blog the best tool for this job?
You can tell a lot about a blog from the frequency with which it publishes articles. Eg:

Feb 12:Does Your Blog Have The Lifespan Of A Fruitfly?

“…it is estimated that within one month of creation, 60% to 80% of blogs worldwide are either abandoned or infrequently updated…”

In 2012 this site published 182 blog articles (ave 15 per month)
In 2013 it published 127 blog articles (ave 11 per month)
In 2014 it published 13 blog articles (ave 1 per month)
In 2015 it has published 5 blog articles (ave 0.7 per month)

This blog has lasted longer than the life of a fruit fly but it seemed to be all but moribund 2 years after it started. (I wonder whether it ever achieved its communications objective?)

This example is typical, not unusual.

I get to evaluate a lot of websites with blogs attached and their online competition. Typically, a blog is started with a rush of enthusiasm then it peters out after 1-2 years because not enough people visit it.

I’ve not yet evaluated one that generated more than 5% of total web page visits to a site. I know that this is not always the case but large blog generated traffic is so rare that I’ve never assessed a successful small business blog site.

I suggest the example of 100 top Health Coach blogs may be very informative because it is specific to Sal’s industry. They often appear to be sites that have the twin objectives of attracting new clients for coaching services and selling products. That is what Sal’s new site seems to be about.

Is it irrelevant that 33% of them switched off their blogs to focus on web pages and shopping carts?

If Sal explores the two biggest bloggers from the top 10 of the top 100 health coach blog list she will find they have very different communications objectives to her.

  • Dr Wolfe seems to be promoting herself to health coaches not to the consumers that Sal wants to target.
  • Amelia Phillips is promoting herself as a TV personality and the Michelle Bridges program of which she is a co-founder.

If she actually writes her blogs and has finished her TV commitments, it does not look like she has much time left for consultation work with clients.

NOTE: ALL of the top 10 health coaches with similar objectives to Sal stopped blogging.

Shouldn’t this be taken as a very worrying signal worthy of further assessment?

2. Does the site owner have the knowledge, skill and time to use the tool effectively?
I believe there is no point recommending blogging to someone who does not like to write, can’t write well or who does not have the time for it over the years it may take to build a following.

What I can share with Sal is that I read a survey which reported around 2 hours was the average time it took bloggers to write and publish one article.

That means if Dr Wolfe (above) has published 2,000 blog articles at the average rate of normal bloggers, she has spent 2 years of full time employment (40 hours/week) publishing her blog todate.

My question for Sal,
Do you think you have the knowledge, skill and time to implement blogging effectively?

I wonder whether Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels may be more productive communication methods for a health coach to allocate her scarce time to rather than blogging?