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“…I want you to implement it and for every lead it generates (and i think it’s fair to say that’s almost any lead that’s NOT a referral) you get $A”.

I would hope that’s not how you would actually remunerate a freelancer? I use Elance and Upwork quite a bit. I feel that I have scored some of the best clients on there because they don’t want a social media strategy written and implemented for $60AUD. Peanuts, monkeys… Some of the stuff clients try and get away with there – if it isn’t exploitative, it’s unethical.

Back to your core question about the cost of having a marketing plan prepared: the business coach or mentor suggestion is a good one. Get coaching on how to think about marketing and how it will impact your business and write the plan yourself. It’s such a vital part of your business that you should not outsource. You should be across the process, and lead rather than pushed.