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Hi James, and welcome to Flying Solo :)

Normally, a request like this one is best housed over in the Community Reviews section of the website.

It’s fine to stay where it is this time, but to help our reviewers give you the best feedback they can and to help you understand how these reviews tend to happen, it would be great if you could please head over there and review the specific guidelines that apply to that part of the forum. (You’ll find them at the top of the page there).

When you’re done, it would also be great if you could please update this thread with the answers to the following questions, in as much detail as you can:

1. What needs reviewing? (i.e. logo, website, idea etc…)
2. What does your business do?
3. Who is your target market?
4. What specific concerns do you have?

Cheers, and thanks for joining the forum,