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thekindconsultant, post: 217724, member: 65902 wrote:
I have so many opinions about what you’re doing.

1. $92/month for all that? I take it you’re going to outsource the work to a developing country?

2. I think you may underestimate the amount of work this will require. Managing social media sites isn’t as straight forward and easy as many assume. Especially if you want quality. Even if you’re not publishing unique content (which at least 1/3 of it should be) researching and curating appropriate content is time consuming.

3. It sort of undercuts others that operate in this space, like me. I’m not too phased to be honest, as I wouldn’t want to work with clients that think $100 a month is all my service is worth. However, this sort of business model is setting the benchmark in many ways – as are sites like Fiverr, Elance, and Upwork. (This doesn’t bother me much – this isn’t a whinge – as I am competent at finding clients that do see the value in this sort of work.)

4. Before you move to the next step – do your research into social media marketing and work out what the ingredients are for a successful campaign. You’ll find that posting content several times a day over the main platforms isn’t the right approach.

That’s my 4 cents. :)


5. I just checked out your website and see you only link to a brand new Twitter account. I think for you to be making the proposition that are you, you need to demonstrate that you can walk the talk. Why would I trust a ‘social media professional’ that doesn’t immediately demonstrate to me that they know and are a gun at social media?

Hi Paul,
1. No outsource. That’s a fundamental of the project.

2. I agree it can be time consuming, but I think I’ve got the model sorted at my end, especially focusing on quality.

3. I don’t feel I’m undercutting because the business owners I’ve signed up have never considered the service, purely because of cost. It’s a new market. They acknowledge the need to be active in the social space, but aren’t interested in strategy meetings, extensive reports, testing and insights that your clients paying for that service are. Perhaps down the track they will be, and I’ll refer them to you ;-)

4. Further, it’s not a SMM service. It’s not about building campaigns. It’s a posting and content delivery service. It’s about presenting a professional presence for small businesses online, and adding value for their current customers and audience. The awareness, traffic, followers and leads that may come will be a bonus. It’s about giving the confidence to refer people to their profiles, and the peace of mind of being ‘open for business’ when researched or compared online.

5. I agree. I wrestled with whether to post the new Posten SM links, so I’ve turned them in to a project for visitors and potential customers to follow: http://postengage.com.au/live-examples/

I also agree with the demonstration of skills/experience, so I’ve added a bit of a bio page. Without testimonials or referrals it’s tricky to portray that level of expertise. I doubt I’ll ever have them to be honest, I think a business owner would prefer a discreet service.

Anyway, good points. I appreciate your opinions and ideas. Any more would certainly be welcome.
Cheers, P.