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I can’t speak for iOS, but I haven’t really been able to fault the inbuilt, free, email apps on android phones, across a combination of different account types. Emails are just delivered as well. (We’ll leave out the aspect of delivery, as the device the emails are eventually received on isn’t, really, responsible for delivery. It’ll just accept whatever the server tells it is it’s email)

Winpho, I also don’t have an issue with Exchange accounts, however haven’t tested google apps due to not having a need. Only issue I have with exchangeapp on winpho is it treats each account as a separate “app” which is a bit annoying, comparative to android, where you can have a unified inbox.

It’s also quite interesting to read the Terms of Service on typeapps’ website. It looks like you authorise their servers to download and store your email. Apparently, this gives you “the fastest possible access to important messages”
I fail to see how it could be faster than having them downloaded directly onto my phone, which is what most other apps do, but I digress.

Having read further through the ToS, I’d be very, very concerned about using this service.
It looks like they use their servers to connect to your email accounts and store the email, which is then connected to your phone. The terms of service seem to quite deliberately omit who the ToS is between. There are no signs as to who this company is. Their NIC record is Privatedomains, so you can’t trace them that way.. they seem to almost glaringly obviously, say nothing about who they are.

They list themselves as “Typeapp Inc” but there’s no record of this entity in the California database, or SEC. Their office location is a shared service (ok, that’;s not a big deal. maybe it’s a freelancer/soloist)

regardless, not a place I’d really feel comfortable storing my business emails (especially since in all likelihood, it’s in the US and subject to their laws.)