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Hi Sal
I agree with Angela, done right Facebook Ads are a great investment. We have 2 author clients and they both use Facebook advertising differently. 1 is an established author with multiple books, multiple websites and a foothold in the USA. She uses Facebook ads to boost mailing list sign ups because she has multiple products to market. She is 100% committed to FB but alternates between post boosts and promote page ads. She also only has to turn the ads on for 1 day, 7 days etc so I am not sure why you have to commit to the 30 days especially if you haven’t used them before. I would see if you can do a post boost to sample the tool for 24 hours and watch the results (something like $24 for 24 hrs). Anytime she offers something in the post like a free download, cheat sheet etc she always gets more traction but make sure you target your audience right to maximise your chances. I would also like a page that does something similar to your page/book and watch and learn if you are still unsure.

Our other author is a self published debut author and we use post boosts of fantastic info graphics to get page likes, post likes and always include a link for more info about his book. Facebook users love a good picture so make it worth their while to look. His goal is more page likes so people can get to know him and his book. We also use Twitter to establish his profile and are currently designing his website which will be our next focus. Because he doesn’t have a website yet his Facebook Author page is his platform.

Good Luck, book sales are hard work but remember no best seller happened overnight!