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I have a very similar question, so thought it might be best to continue this discussion…

Say your income is from your own GST registered professional business, but you also want to do a small side-gig (eg, sell art on the side)

One could consider the art sales as a side-gig, treat it as a separate business and use a personal ABN (or setup a separate company) to avoid the troubles of dealing with GST for that income/business while it is small and turnover is low. However, what sort of view would the ATO take of that if the side-business is related in some way? (For example, you may want to do use the same location, or maybe you want to use similar branding etc)

Presumably there would be some kind of limit to this and you can’t just break a business into smaller and smaller parts and setup separate companies for each part in order to avoid GST registration. However, where 2 businesses are genuinely separate there isn’t an expectation to treat them as one.