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G’day Brad,

I’ve had a change of forum name since we last exchanged posts cause I no longer estim8.

Glad to see you’re still exited about Meteor, I’ve still only fiddled at the edges … for some reason I’ve had a few websites to do that have distracted me (but I shall return).

My suggestion for selecting the “winner” is to go with the person who can most clearly define the logic behind their idea for an app.

I’ve assisted a couple of businesses in the past ( free websites) to get to grips with new platforms and languages, and I think your idea is a great way to get traction, but I did find sometimes the ideas behind the ones I did were a bit “loose” … leading to a lot of time educating and fine tuning where it was all headed … it was still a great experience, but if you’re looking for a “solo” type move I’d be picking through the ideas for someone with a very clear view of what they want (and why).

Good luck with it, Cheers