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Great tips here. Nathan, to come back to your question, I suspect that SEO has changed in that it’s a very different approach these days, and seen as one part of your digital marketing (and best integrated with things like social media and content).

So you’ll maybe see less posts on FS about SEO and maybe more popping up about blogging, content marketing, and social media – all of which are known to have an effect on SEO.

I don’t consider myself an SEO professional in the slightest, BUT a lot of what I do contributes positively to SEO (this isn’t the goal necessarily – just a happy accident – hah).

Perhaps some SEO professionals who used to focus on building links and other strategies that used to work really well are finding they now need to diversify their services into areas like copywriting, content marketing, and so on. Love to hear their perspectives on this.

Just my two cents :-)