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Talking trademarks and the one word versus two words options, I shall add my view to the equation.
If you are good at what you do and attract business, you will also attract thieves, bootleggers and trademark infringers.
This is what happened to us with three of our registered trademarks and in the context of different combinations of the same or similar words.
I invented the concept of educational reptile shows for kids and so registered the trademark “reptile parties”.
Now we have imitators across the planet. After I registered the trademark for the words “reptile parties” thieves tried to steal our clients by using SEO.
People search for us by name “reptile parties” and so thieves try to optimize their sites for the term and then when they usurp us in search, are clicked on and so our clients are stolen from us, without us even knowing it.
When we clamped down on the illegal SEO, the thieves simply started using common variants, including the phrase “reptile party”, with Google treating both as the same thing.
So we had no choice but to also register the words “reptile party” as well. Now the thieves still illegally use our trademarks to steal our clients (including via dozens of bogus domains they control and use to backlink using our trademarks), but we are slowly getting on top of them and intend suing the stand out infringers, having briefed lawyers on one such matter as recently as today.
Similar happened with the Snakebusters trademark and an infringer calling himself “snakebuster”, (we sued him and won and also took out registration for the snakebuster trademark after the fact).
Same applies for our snakeman and snake man trademarks, which were registered at the same time later on and in the knowledge thieves would claim spelling difference (one word versus two) as a basis to allow infringement (and yes they tried this unsuccessfully).
In other words, don’t just try to register your exact words trademark (if you can), but also go for variants as well that infringers may use to try to steal your clients, including via SEO and search, which is where a lot of people get all or most of their new business these days.
All the best
The Snake Man