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Slacky 741, you are all good in terms of your battle.
You own a words only trademark and with a wide claim (your other logo trademark gives you no protection in this case).
I am not a lawyer, but do have expertise with trademarks and own several that are infringed by thieves on a daily basis.
The person using your name or something similar is clearly infringing and also engaging in the act of misleading and deceptive conduct which is a criminal offence and can attract sanctions including jail.
Trademark thieves always have a repertoire of bogus excuses to justify their crimes such as “I am not using your trademark” when they have one or a few letters different, or “I am not for profit” when they are directly using it, or “I am selling different goods and services”, when they are not.
You will be hit with all this while they continue to steal your valuable clients and without telling you.
In summary get onto a good lawyer and crunch the bastards down to every last infringement (and I mean removing of all usage of the trademark from ALL their internet properties).
(See for example how Bunnings tolerates no usage of their trademarks by competitors online … and they are not stupid).
At the same time do a websearch for other uses of your trademarks and stop every single one of them as best you can, as you’ll find that once an infringer gets a taste of your money by stealing your clients, they will be very hard to stop as they will fight for what they then assert is theirs (income).
If you stop infringers before they get the taste of your money, they will usually comply with your legal demands as for them, there is no loss in doing so and it gets you off their back.
If you ignore infringers or go soft and be too nice, you can end up with dramas beyond your wildest dreams, once they start to make money out of your trademark and the associated goodwill as seen in the link provided (moderator delete link if it breaches your guidelines):
I hope this helps