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John Debrincat
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Byron Trzeciak, post: 222228, member: 56118 wrote:
Businesses that think a “checklist” security compliance like PCI actually keeps them secure are more of a concern to me. You do it because you have to comply and it provides a baseline level of security but you only have to be in the industry for a period time before you understand that it’s far from a golden standard.

I think where you’re coming from John is a good place and I respect that you’re fighting for security because it’s worth doing so but to point SEO as the cause just doesn’t sit.

The issues of FTP and PCI are about compliance; so will being compliant stop you from being hacked. No. But that is not the point really. But going through the checklist self assessment process for PCI is far far better than doing nothing.

I think I have said this a couple of times before in this thread but this thread is about determining ethical SEO. So my reference to security is about the “cause and effect” meaning that the SEO person asks for something and a seemingly unrelated consequence occurs. Breach of PCI compliance can be a consequential effect.

Ethical SEO should consider a much bigger picture because the practitioner is sometimes messing with core parts of the website / server etc. Often they want code, structure and even infrastructure changes. They don’t just change content. But maybe they should only be changing content.