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JohnW, post: 222944, member: 6375 wrote:
Hi Bert,
I’m afraid SEO will never be considered an industry or profession with formally recognised certification. Here’s why…

“Certification” requires conformance with known performance standards.

Apprentice motor mechanic gets stacks of detailed manuals provided by each car manufacturer. These define the processes for maintaining and repairing the vehicles and the mechanic’s skills in implementing the tasks can therefore be assessed.

There can be no SEO “performance standards” when all we get are a few vague sets of “guidelines” from SEs and statements from them that their algorithms are constantly changing.

IMHO, SEO is but one small part or tactic in what might be more broadly called Internet Marketing. This might become a profession where I could see “certification” being implemented. The problem is that even this form of certification does not potentially provide much real protection.

Then there is the International spread of SEO services – the source of most of the spam SEO emails I receive. What value is an Aust certification when the vast majority of SEO services are based overseas?

Disatisfaction with SEO services are very obvious when money is spent and results don’t ensue.

You could argue that many web designers/developers get away with worse rip-offs because the business owner can’t measure their performance.

Ever been to a designer/developer’s website where they don’t offer SEO enhanced websites?

My SEO advisory business only exists because SEO has not been built into a website.

Could it be that SEO services exist primarily because site designers/developers don’t build it into their clients’ sites? ;)

Not often I disagree with you but I will on this one, the only reason it cant happen is because no one wants it to happen. Project management was in the same state 30 or so years ago, but the reputable people in the industry, had the drive and push to do something.

You say what good is Australian SEO certification when most come from OS, True, but did I say it only has to be Australian. And ok maybe it is only Australian, but if the FSSAS gets out there and highlights the benefits, maybe Australian business wont want to go OS, it could build the industry here. I think I posted that the CPA started with 20 odd members in one little area, look at it now.

You say it can be built into the website, yes for what exists today, but as we know google changes the rules, by which time the web developer s gone. So someone (lets call them SEO person), will have to come along and maintain it.
Think upwards and onwards

It can happen, it just needs the industry to want it,