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I guess my problem is everyone is coming up with reasons why you cant’t do it, look for reasons why you can. It can be done.

I look at it similar to project management certification, its not that every project you do must be done via XYZ, that would be just to easy we can pull out the template and just do it.

I don’t want to recall how many IT projects I have done, it wasn’t as if you had a set process, rather guidelines. Each project was different based on the nature of the implementation, rollout, development, testing, etc.There was no standard to say I have have X implementation phases, X tests, X whatevers.

Like with SEO, everything is different, it is not a case that you must implement 2 backlinks, 6 keywords, 2 Gobdilcooks, and 7 widgets to get the right answer. Every website, every client will be different, you are looking at the professionalism of the individuals. I don’t know maybe I am explaining it wrong. It is a case of the overall picture.

Certification in this case looks at the bigger picture of the ability of the professional, knowledge, experience, etc, etc. Nothing to do with how many Gobdilcooks you implement.

As long as the SEO industry finds problems, and just complains about the shonks, rather than looks at the bigger picture you will be seen as a dodgy industry, why do I say that, because you will let Bert M becomes Bert M’s SEO guru shop.