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John Romaine, post: 245638, member: 39536 wrote:
I’ve put this cheat sheet together that has a list of questions in it that you might want to ask your SEO before hiring them.

Before you get on the phone, print it off and have it ready so that you can ask them the listed questions and take notes.

Download it here

Just some crucial things I see missing from the list,
What are your qualifications in relation to SEO
What is your experience.
How many years have you being doing SEO (Just because someone has done 10 years and someone else has done 2, it doesn’t make them any better, but if they say 2 weeks, than you need to find out more) This one is subjective,
Reference’s, let me talk to a previous business’s. And anyone who has read my comments in the past knows I am not big on testimonials, but ask for the names of ten business’s, even though you don’t intend to ring them, if the SEO is reluctant, you be reluctant.