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Makes sense with the pricing. However how would you define how many hours required to run SEO service? I would presume that would be ongoing service, wouldn’t it? Would you set up stages, what would be involved, time frame, expected results etc? So, business owners can evaluate it and make a decision if they can afford it and if they can what would be the process of getting it done.

I think what most of small business owners realise now is the importance of having SEO service done for their businesses to stay competitive and to grow their businesses, however what I feel is missing is the way how local SEO specialists presenting their services to the clients.

We all probably get bombarded by overseas SEO agencies sending out millions of emails daily offering their services at the low cost which is super tempting for Australian business owners at least to try their services, however none of them would understand the specific of Australian business landscape and local SEO requirements as much as it would be done by Australian SEO specialists. Will it be right? Getting generic SEO done is one thing, but to get it done properly and to get your high Google local rating is completely another thing.