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Aidan, post: 246331, member: 2298 wrote:

your comment could apply to any field. For example I might say the exact same thing about gardening or landscaping:

“I could open BB1 Gardening Rip off services, charge 200 bucks an hour…”

but would it make sense? No, I’d just look an idiot for saying something like that. Nobody but a wealthy fool (about to be poor) is going to judge a service based on what the hourly rate is.

At least in my business, the client can see progress, or at least me attending their property and saying yes he isn’t sleeping under a tree, so it looks roughly right.

In the SEO field its all smoke and mirrors done in the background, just a post on here I read today said it could take 3 to 18 months to see results, so I am paying over all these dollars and possibly not even seeing you sleep under a tree.

What I am saying is rather then on a public forum where most people have little idea of SEO and how many hours it may take. and just saying if you are charged over $75.00 the person must be good. It needs more then that.