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[USER=39536]@John Romaine[/USER] Maybe if you would have read the whole post instead of just a couple of selective words, it would not be so unclear to you what I was saying.

To quote
”At least in my business, the client can see progress, or at least me attending their property and saying yes he isn’t sleeping under a tree, so it looks roughly right.

In the SEO field its all smoke and mirrors done in the background, just a post on here I read today said it could take 3 to 18 months to see results, so I am paying over all these dollars and possibly not even seeing you sleep under a tree.”

I repeat, the client can see me mowing their lawn, or planting a tree. In your business it can appear to be smoke and mirrors, as you are sitting in an office possibly in another state or even a different country, where they cant see anything happening. Sure you may give them a report or 2, but until they get some tangible results, there isn’t much to be seen.

I spent many years doing remote support of systems all over Australia, so I have dealt in the smoke and mirrors business. With sites being down for a day or 2 at a time, and all they know of my activities is when I ring them to say do this or do that, and they think you are off on an extended lunch break in between.. And that’s where to the uninitiated (read small business person), who are presented with various options, they are left wondering what they are spending their money on, and you can understand, why they may succumb to the cheaper option.

You say it yourself above ” There’s a LOT more involved with SEO than what most people think.”, a 100% true statement, but that’s where the good SEO people (like those on here), have to sell it in the right way, not just say those charging monthly are dickheads (to use your words), and those charging hourly are good people, sure that may be a differentiator, but there is much more then just price (my original comment that sparked this).

Re your last comment, ”Just as I’m sure theres a lot more involved with trimming hedges and mowing lawns.”… Really there isn’t much involved, and anyone can run out and do it, and that’s why we get every tom, dick and harry who can throw a mower and a hedge trimmer in the back of the ute, and not charge GST and not declare it to the tax department. But I don’t tell my clients that I am better because I charge higher dollars, because seriously I have seen some of the cheapies do as good a job. But that’s another story for another century.