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John Debrincat, post: 221943, member: 2969 wrote:
Oh my god I hate the term “SEO” I think that the “O” should stand for opinion because mostly that is all they are and generally pretty poor.

The most important and most basic thing that a website owner needs to understand is that good content leads to good organic search results.

I laugh ever time I see an email that promises me first place on Google. Now if you promise every company in the same market segment first place then……..!

If you are going to use a service then find a local business who will speak to you about what you need to do. Most of the dodgy overseas ones will want a credit card upfront and will run some automated software that can do more harm than good.

If you receive an automated report with the 400 odd things wrong with your website then treat it with the contempt that it should get. Many SEO companies work on the fear factor, don’t believe them.

If you work with a professional content marketing organisation then they will engage with you and not just make promises.

Apologies to some of you that pitch themselves as SEO experts and I know that some of you really are and do a great job.

Totally agree, Google has been saying for a very long time now … you need good and unique contents structure. Five years ago, backlinks are very important factors in ranking a site, but today on-site content is more important than ever. Build on your content, Google will reward you. Gaming the system is not usually sustainable for the long term.