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Hi, Sounds like you are getting quite creative in your business adventure.
I would be very cautious about getting a credit card …. If you have cash flow problems that could quickly bury you. Can you buy products on account terms, so you have 30 or more days to pay? Though Nick is right that if you only need to extend your expense payments to make things work then adding a credit card to account terms could give you a buffer on outgoings.

I would really look at how your business is functioning & analyse your cash flow & business model requirements.
Get out the paper & pen so to speak(computer or whatever), start drafting out what is happening with your business funds & write out your potential cash flow scenarios, expenses & how many customers you need to meet your day to day operation.

Don’t be in denial, be very critical with you business study. This does not mean lose your optimism… But if things can’t possibly work the way things are going currently you need to understand why, or what you can do to change things.

Can you approach customers who have larger, stable needs for your products … you may be able to get in the door cheaply & that fund your running expenses & overheads while your are upscaling your operation to include more customers.

Really look at where you costs are … Can you reduce those?
To me it sounds like you are best to improve efficiency of operation & understanding, rather than try to upscale too quickly. But these are things you have to make judgement calls on.

Could you add to your range of products so that your customers could buy a few things at once from you, rather than just relying on one product?

Good luck!