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I have buillt a few wordpress sites for myself and others. Here is my opinion:

Some of it is definitely figuring it out as you go. If you have some basis in knowing HTML, CSS you will have no problems customising, as you can look up any code you may need/want to add/remove anyway, so don’t need to know code exactly, only how it all works.

If you (or others reading this) don’t know how stylesheets, CSS and PHP/HTML relate to each other you might have a bit more trouble. You’ll still be able to create a semi-customised wordpress site using the wordpress backend, themes and add-ons though. This is pretty simple to get the hang of, but depends on the developer of the theme you use(which usually has easy to follow documentation when you pay for the $40-$50 ones, check this). This gives you the option of customising only specific elements of your website though, so you may fall into the trap of having a website which is obviously a common theme, or looks like your competitors. There are certain things you won’t be able to change without going into the stylesheets, which would be the next step in customisation.

I would ask yourself all the questions Kathy & Byron mentioned though. As a flying soloer you’re more than likely the sort of person who can learn this if you don’t have a background in it… but to create a fresh, customised website with good SEO you may be spending time which could be better spent on your core business? It all depends what your time is worth, how quickly you’ll learn it and the purpose of the website.