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If you are willing to learn many mind boggling new languages & stay up late for endless hours of head scratching jump right in!!!
The benefits of doing it, experiencing it & learning from it are endless!
The reality of doing it could be quite a different journey. Right when you are about to give up … & then some, you will finish your website & realise why you should have done it differently! lol

Kind of joking, but quite serious at the same time :D

As mentioned by Byron .. what are you trying to achieve, what is your website going to do for you & your business? Ecommerce?

Depending on your needs you may want to go with a website solution … so to speak. A company that offers you an easy way to jump into it.
Or, you could go for a company like Elegant Themes! They are an awesome theme development company & have come up with some nice products which make the whole web process easier. A product called DIVI makes building a website much easier. And they offer great support & help which is a must if you are doing it yourself.

I am not trying to sell you on anything … but just check out the options available.

If you have no experience & hope to build a website to run a business … I don’t like your chances. Depending on your needs you could pay someone to build you a very simple website from a theme for less than $1000.

I like your ambition though .. let us know how you go & what you decide.