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My advice would be to try to work out a way to separate yourself from your competition.
What can you offer that they are not offering?
What can you do that is an improvement on your competition?
How can you brand yourself to be offering more for less (so to speak)? – Not saying you should be the cheapest, though you may want to be early on to get your name out there?
Look at how competition are pricing … is there a way that you can price your service differently that adapts more to your customers needs.
Can you offer other services like pickup or drop off for example?

Sometimes simple concepts of value adding & providing little side services or products can really help your business in huge ways. Especially when times are tough or competition seems to be hard fought.

Though, very wise of you to do your research into the number! Congratulations on taking this vital step. Shows you have your head in the right space for your business.

Good luck with it!