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Hi, I have heard Xero is pretty good … I am never a fan of paying for that type of product per month/yearly though. Shame everyone seems to be heading this way nowdays.
As far as MYOB … They are a dominant player & designed to extract as much money as possible out of customers. Expensive & having to pay for updates all the time is tiresome.
Depending on your website .. sometimes you can get plugins to integrate with certain services like postage. Often websites can output pretty detailed reporting or plugins can handle some of that type of stuff.
Sorry I can’t be too helpful, but you are really pointed out some missing products in the market place… Obviously complexity could be the main reason more people aren’t operating in this space.
I would love a way to connect to basic click & send postage from website…
It doesn’t bother me too much though.

Integration is wonderful when it is all working … But sometimes you may be better or honing your processes to be as efficient as possible while maintaining a lot of manual control. :D

So many businesses get so tied up in technology, that at the first outage or hiccup their business stops completely.