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Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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Hi Jim,

You’ve expressed a desire to “understand the numbers” and by all means sit down with your bookkeeper etc, but your interest isn’t really in numbers right? You just think they can help you get X. If you can get clear about what X is, there may be a more direct approach than studying up on accounting.

For example would you like to increase your margins, be more profitable, outsource/automate/streamline, sell your company, something else?

Knowing the answer will do two things:
1) Allow you to find a specific course (or book/info/coach/etc) to get you to your objective directly with things you can apply to your biz immediately. A pricing course or cashflow or automation or growth or expansion or sales or whatever.
2) It gives you a specific conversation to have with your bookkeeper/accountant. E.g. How much would I need to raise my prices to increase my income by $20k (or to afford an assistant, or whatever your goal is).

Hope that helps. :)