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Yes, because that’s just a product Vickie. The business is the legal entity that the product is bought from. But if you were to ‘trade as’ the new name, then you’d follow Nick’s advice. My legal entity is Trade Secrets International Pty Ltd. But I think that would scare people off! So on the website, etc, we’re simply Trade Secrets. In the Terms, you’d see the full name of the entity you’re doing business with.

The only other thought I had was whether Guava Handmade Soap was the ingredient or whether the customer might reasonably think,”oh, so this soap is being handmade by a company called Guava”. I’m not well-placed to know whether there are any legal issues in that ambiguity. You could seek further advice or look for perfectly matching precedents from big companies who should have good legal advice.

If you look at Imperial Leather soap, the registered company is PZ Cussons Australia Pty Ltd (Guava Creations), the Company/Brand as it appears on the front label is simply ‘Cussons’ (Guava?) and the specific brand of the soap is Imperial Leather (Guava Handmade Soap).

It’s an interesting one!