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John Debrincat
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Mobile devices now account for over 50% of traffic to most websites. So if your site is not mobile device friendly you will miss business opportunity. Google and Bing are also looking for a website to be mobile friendly and will rank your website down if that is not the case. You can test your site for mobile readiness on Google at the Google Mobile Test page.

There are different ways to make a site mobile friendly you can use responsive design, you can have a dedicated mobile view or style or you can use an app. Any could be worthwhile depending on the business, products and demographics. Lots of people jump straight to responsive but that can be expensive and can create much more complex web code to be maintained. We have used all methods and it is horses for courses.

For the OP your new website on 3D Cart is fine but I hope you are going to get rid of the 3D Cart URL.