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John Debrincat, post: 223022, member: 2969 wrote:
Wow JohnW that is one hell of a long answer to tell me I am wrong.

Hi JohnD,
I’m not out to pick a fight or prove anyone right or wrong here.

There are many articles about the mobile web where I find it hard to tell whether the author is addressing

  • Smartphones vs all mobile devices,
  • access via apps vs websites and/or
  • whether it is about time spent on sites vs traffic accesses.

Much of the Bosomworth article seems to be about the time spent accessing the web on all mobile devices. Bosomworth, it seems is also including mobile access by apps in the article. (One of his article refs: “89% of consumer media time in mobile apps, 11% in mobile web according to latest statistics by Nielsen

With respect, he is not saying that over 50% of most website’s traffic will be from mobile devices. He is also not saying that e-com site owners must develop a mobile app. Far from it…

It would be totally misleading for people to suggest that, if 89% of mobile time is spent on apps, that small business owners should rush into buying an app to promote their businesses online. I’m already receiving a couple of spam emails per day making just this sort of claim.

What I’m trying to do is promote an informed discussion where folk with your level of e-com knowledge and experience can help educate FS members about the complexities, pitfalls and dangers they will meet in this new mobile world.


For E-com Business Owners,
I’ve only got one mobile enhanced e-com site where I can quote traffic accesses via mobile phones. As it happens it is a site that sells mobile phone accessories. It has been active as an e-com site for well over 10 years and Google has indexed thousands of its pages. It has been using Facebook marketing for over six years.

Source of site traffic:
SEs = 66%
Social media = 1%
Direct = 24%

There is a bunch of email marketing being used by this site which is why “Direct” access is so high.

Over 60% of the site visitors are “new” and it is firmly focussed on Aust customers. (78% of site visits.)

As you can see, my knowledge of e-com sites is mostly theoretical. I’d be delighted to see examples from online marketers who have more practical experience in this website type situation.

What I’m reading is a bunch of surveys that suggest that in the mobile world, e-commerce is rushing into an unprecedented level of contraction where the big players will get to own the markets and small business e-com sites will disappear unless that have very unique products that are very tightly focussed and a very effective marketing program.

From a SE referral perspective, what I believe I can see is a very large bunch of difficulties for e-commerce sites that have popped up in the last couple of years and which have nothing to do with whether a site is mobile enhanced or not.