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I think both John’s are getting somewhat off track here. 612Sue is asking for some feedback on her site. Reenie is correct that Google announced back in April that it set a preference for mobile friendly websites, when a user performed a search from a mobile/smart phone…given the increased use of phones and tablets by users.

612Sue, your new site’s homepage is considered mobile friendly according to Google’s test page:


You may wish to test the other pages as well, JohnD refers to this link too:


I agree with jtco’s comment about the font size and spacing of elements on the pages.
Something else I would consider is removing the logo from the large image in the header (ie. making it separate) and perhaps even making the content within the image text based. Some users may have difficulty reading the text in the image and it may assist with SEO having some text based content with relevant search terms.

Anyhoo, that’s my 10 cents worth. Good luck.