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Good advice Dave.
I have a very specific productivity problem you might be interested in to get you off the ground Kenni. It sounds like it might be right up your street. It’s regarding de-duplication scripting for Google Sheets. Manual would be a pain and the basic deduplication script Google offers cannot cope with my more challenging use case. Could also explore CRM versus the spreadsheet as I’m bootstrapping and keeping costs down and CRM looks awkward – I can show you why.

Perhaps you could PM me through my profile and we can explore whether a solution is possible as well as feasible ROI for what you’re wanting out of it. I like helping people get off the ground. In fact, it’s what my business is all about.

Just so you know, my policy on testimonials is to write an honest review but if I haven’t got anything nice to say (unlikely, of course), to not say anything. By being upfront about this, I manage any indebtedness I might feel when someone has invested time, regardless of outcome, without risk to the person offering the freebie who has also acted in good faith. I hope that sounds fair.