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You need to look for some one who is local.
Kids thrive on this type of work but you must be sensitive to the school and other needs.

Older people who are in a semi retired state….are the best workers eva.

I know everyone shuns them but I hire them and they are great.

They bring energy, experience, and they arent needy for $$.

But all my full time staff are all under 21.
( thats were i save $$)

So it creates a great mix.

For me…its about location. …you can have the very, very best worker…but if they live a hours drive away…as a casual. ..its never going to work.

Find someone who the job will be mutual of benefit. It costs $$$ to hire and train.
Dont pick the wrong person

Thanks for the advice, a school kid was my first choice for my folks too but they really need someone during the day. i like the idea of someone older as they will most likely get along with them too.

so where would you go looking for people. would you use a seek or a site like gumtree, what have been your experiences with classifieds and job sites.

Have you ever hired a bad person, what was the experience like?