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FS Concierge, post: 222538, member: 2205 wrote:
Hi Sutrekompa,

I’ll be interested in others’ opinions, but in your shoes I’d go with three SKUs (or even more) for the following reasons:

  • Wider range = more shelf presence: Your products will have more impact in-store and be less likely to get overlooked by consumers)
  • Wider range = larger opening order size from your stockists: This will be better for your cash flow, especially considering that your price per unit is probably quite small
  • Wider range = potentially larger basket size: i.e. some consumers will like your product or the idea of it so much that they’ll buy several flavours – they’re far less likely to buy multiple bottles at a time if you only have one flavour
  • Concentrate your launch costs: It will cost you more to launch a range in terms of the actual stock, but from a marketing perspective, the cost of launching one product or a range of products is not substantially different. Take advantage of being new and the flavour of the month (see what I did there?) and launch the whole range at once, because being shiny and new is something you only get to do once. In contrast, if you decide to launch one product now and the others later, you’ll probably spend the same amount of money, but with less share of attention because you don’t have that newness about you.

I hope that helps, and that your launch is a great success,
Thanks a lot Jayne!

You make some good points here and I really appreciate you taking the time.