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MD Clean
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Hi John,

I hope you are doing well.

My comment relates to the original article that you linked to which states:

“How will AMP impact organic search?
Like the Google News box when it debuted, the AMP module disrupts the search experience by appearing at the top of the SERP and pushing everything else down.

The most immediate impact for publishers that don’t opt into AMP will be a decrease in impressions and clicks, even with a top organic position. Since the AMP module appears at the top of the SERP (for now), organic results are pushed below the fold. “

The initiative itself looks like a reaction to Microsoft Edge and Flipboard and similar news aggregating sites as a way to give people what they want but keep them within the Google Search ecosystem for longer.

I think major publishers may well hate it because it only puts the user half in the publishers site and half in Google whereas a click away from Google now takes the user all the way into the publishers site and therefore makes the user more valuable.

That IMO is why there needs to be higher SERPS on offer to provide an inducement to try the new initiative.