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martin.firth, post: 222743, member: 46359 wrote:
Your home page needs less BS, and more products. People will leave your website in under 2 seconds if they don’t see what they came for.

Your website will sell five times more if your homepage is http://dev4.technoexponent.net/jollyany/shop/

Your homepage should be 80% the page above, and 20% the sales spiels you currently use on the home page.

In my opinion your website would be

  • Slider with picture of nodule shoe (2nd slide of homepage) with 2 sentences in the slider image explaining/selling the product
  • 20 or so products
  • Footer

You probably have developed a lot of material for your website, and it feels good to get it online and visible. But your website needs to make your visitors happy, not you. Pare it down, and give focus to the products.

What do you think man ?