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The first question to ask yourself, are there any clauses in your current employment arrangement which would stop you from trading in a similar industry.

If the answer is yes, then you need to look deeper into that, there are various views around that these clauses don’t hold water, but if they exist you need to get a legal view on them.

If the answer is No, then you need to think why your head is giving you these thoughts. Some observations from your post, you currently do it for other business’s, but more importantly in my mind you get business via referral’s. This to me indicates that you are capable, generally business’s don’t refer you on if they don’t think you are capable.

Your position on the corporate ladder has absolutely no bearing on your ability to be able to do this, unfortunately if you work in a corporate environment that is a prevailing opinion, and it is often a management tool. But ignore your current position, and look at your capability.

Having said that, do as Paul said, put pen to paper, write a business plan, BUT while doing that ignore your current position on the corporate ladder, but do it based on your abilities.
Then Fly solo.