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hey markyj,

i will leave off the contractual side of things. i will focus on the worries that you have as i feel that i have been in the same/similar situation.

i work for an organisation that is in the IT sector. i am a techy at heart (and my studies are technical too) but my current role is not technical at all so i decided it was time to do my own thing on the side.

i had a lot of reservations about using my name, phone/mobile number etc. so i lingered on it for a while. in the mean time i did a few ‘private’ jobs through recommendations from friends and family. i had already decided on a business name, which is really close to my actual name and after some time and continually thinking about it, i decided it was time to move on with it. so i registered the business name and set up a website. i don’t have my full personal information listed on the website. i focus on the work i have done, continue to do, and the services i can offer to any new/potential customers.

i chatted to a few ‘trusted’ people at work about it. turns out, a lot of my workmates also had other business interests and this was seen as normal.

one thing i decided really early on was that i would not mix my employment with my side business. i keep the 2 totally separate. i get into situations where customers will ask for a service that my current employer provides however only to corporates (read expensive). when advised of costs etc. most will ask for an alternative recommendation. i choose not to be that recommendation if i or my team are talking to them.

to summarise, have a chat to a few people you trust about your predicament and do what will make you happy.