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Caroline Goad
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As part of the business advisory service we provide to clients we supply benchmarking reports on industry averages for supermarkets in Australia. Specifically we would look at cost of goods sold and overheads as a percentage of gross revenue. Other benchmarks and KPI’s we would measure your prospective purchase against include:

  • Hourly rate per working Owner
  • Gross profit per square metre of sales area
  • $ of Wages
  • Hours Worked per Owner per Year
  • Owners Equity as % of Total Assets
  • Asset turnover
  • Assets per Person
  • Growth Capacity
  • Stock turn over rate
  • % Revenue drops before losses start
  • Trading hours per week
  • Sales area as % of total area
  • Gross margin return on inventory
  • Current ratio
  • Acid test
  • Days’ debtors
  • Liability turnover
  • Interest cover: business
  • Net profit per principal
  • Maintain or increase sales

Some areas we would also focus on would include how to:

  • Improve gross profit
  • Reduce and control expenses
  • Reduce and control expenses
  • Improve stock turnover and reduce stock investment

If you would like to know more please feel free to call me on 03-53335144.

Kind regards