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MD Clean, post: 222900, member: 58759 wrote:
Actually, come to think of it, it would be interesting to see if they even offer Tax Invoices. I remember buying a Nexus phone and Google issued an Invoice. If you wrote to them, they would send a Tax Invoice.

When you do a phone top up, you don’t get a tax invoice either.

But on the other question about GST or not, just asking the question are they acting as a booking agency or the service provider.
Not an accountant so this could be wrong, if just a booking agency, then it will the cleaner providing the service, and the invoice, and the cleaner paying the booking agency a percentage.
But if helpling are collecting payment I would have thought they would have to charge GST on everything. but again don’t know.

Just one comment, that is a cheap price for cleaning, especially if some of it is going on GST, and you have to wonder how the cleaners will put food on the table.