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shimmie, post: 222983, member: 72641 wrote:
Hi, hoping i could get some advice from the flying solo community.

I have a new business and still getting my head around client/supplier etiquette. I have quoted a design job for a client who asked for bargain pricing. So I quoted it with very specific tasks, and terms including what is expected with ‘out of scope’ tasks.

I have almost finished the quoted project, but the client is emailing me every day (as FYI) asking to read articles, view videos, etc for information pertaining to his product’s market. Reading and replying to these emails takes time and while it is related to the project I’m working on, it is clearly part of a bigger marketing project.

What is the etiquette here? Do I say this is out of scope? Or do I continue to read and reply and spend extra time for what might be a bigger job for me? I do not wish to continue with this client if they insist on bargain pricing though, and it’s very very likely this may happen.

What is your advice and how can I approach my client about this, while maintaining the great relationship we already have?

Hi Shimmie

Have followed this post with interest as it is something that comes up from time to time with people in a service related/design industry such as you appear to be in (mentioning design job) although i personally find it quite difficult to give you a full on reply that would quench your desired outcome.

All i mean is that without knowing the client, the job, the value its hard to equate and further to this what may be a ‘bargain’ job for you could potentially be a gold mine in another persons eyes.. Hope that makes sense?

There has been a mix or replies and ultimately it will come down to fundamentals in your own belief of what is worthwhile and what is not. Some people go that little extra to help out and provide guidance, others will simply bounce back an email asking ‘would you like me to quote you on providing this type of guidance’ and leave it to the client. Its all a happy balance of which you need to stumble through a little, although i know if i charged a client every time they called, they asked a question on email or even dropped in for a coffee i would have a few mansions strewn around the globe by now :) – although i tend to attribute them to relationships.

If it is a clear black and white scenario of ‘hey i have $50 to spend and need you to knock up a business card and THAT IS ALL I WANT OR NEED AND WILLING TO SPEND’ well i would tread cautiously about extending any other service AT ALL and hope that you also clearly outlined what you would be willing to do for this client in a quote of services covered – Although most bargain buyers are troublesome, unfortunately they also make up the vast majority of clients in some businesses, be it service or product, and if you were to turn off to additional help from time to time you could potentially ruin an opportunity to convert them from a ‘bargain hunter’ to a valuable client.

Just because someone starts as a BARGAIN CLIENT, does not mean that with your expertise and professionalism that you can not eventually (short term or long term) turn this around and help them understand the process you assist with and make them a more profitable client. After all, as a business owner is it not our role to try and assist those needing our service and to then build value into the service we provide? Every cent earned in your own business is yours (minus expenses etc of course), and every client you say goodbye to is $$$ you will not earn moving forward.

Just offering a different perspective i guess, not saying its right or wrong though!

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