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Hi {insert name here}
Excellent to always look at different perspectives, and I agree when starting out possibly a good approach. Once you get established worthwhile taking the hardline approach, I have found that once you get rid of these kind of clients you tend to get 2 excellent one’s in return

Hows it going Jason

Howdy Young Man,

Yeah i am ok, thanks for asking. .hope life, family and ‘hobbies’ are treating you well to mate…

Thanks for finally agreeing with me for once :p, makes a change.. LOL.. Agree with your whole heartedly, just i have responded to OP’s initial post mentioning he was new and getting his head around the new business – thus my suggestion of adjusted tolerance levels for some clients.. ;)

Had a real hard boss when i was starting out, hard as in expected a lot, and taught me considerably.. One thing he ingrained on me was how people tend to reply to anything (be it post, question, expectation etc etc) with their own personal experiences top of mind including situational etc which can sometimes truly skew the answer that the person asking the question was seeking.. Meaning, we forget to put ourselves in anothers shoes – for the person asking the question, may or may not have travelled the same roads as us thus exposing themselves or maybe not exposing themselves (keep the coat closed.. LOL) to the beliefs of our own – impartiality is brutal, and commonly overlooked..

Now, if you followed this post, i am impressed.. I am too scared to proof read it and am posting with little or no editing whatsoever.. So wishing readers and their own interpretations of my rant good luck.. o_O

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