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Good point John. Also, making life difficult seems unlikely when companies spend most of their time trying to reduce friction.

Incidentally, I use different passwords for every account to contain any hack. They are not stored anywhere except my head and they’re very strong.

I’m never complacent but I’ve not had a virus (knowingly, anyway) get any further than my AV since 1996 and I only get one of those alerts about every 2 years. A virus or rootkit is possible but it would have to only be causing a second sign-in on LinkedIn, FB, Google and stock photo sites (very selective), and it would be causing this as an intermittent problem. As well, the problem has gone on for the best part of a year (I just kept doubting myself because you only think retrospectively and can’t provide what you entered). Yet in that time, there are no signs of any malicious activity in the accounts themselves or elsewhere in my life. All seems well.

So I’m not going on panic alert and big dramas with fresh installs etc!! I’ve learnt to be very parsimonious with these things, having wasted so much time over the years doing big actions on what turn out to be tiny issues!

I can confirm it isn’t browser-specific. I’ve had it in Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

The only other idea I’ve had is a keyboard key sticking, so I typed correctly, but the output was missing a character. Not seen that while writing, though.