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Hi Linda and welcome! You’ve made a great choice joining up, Flying Solo is a great resource.

Just wondering – have you checked out the Flying Solo podcast? You can find it under Small Business Tips on the iTunes store. The reason I mention this is that in episode 8 of the podcast (‘Are you wasting time on social media?’) Robert interviews Troy Dean, a social expert.

Here are a few oft-repeated ideas for social:

– Have a strategy. Why are you posting, what’s your aim?
– Know your audience. Where do they hang out online? FB, G+, forums etc. Sam’s comment above is relevant here, you needn’t be everywhere social if your customers are only using one or two main channels.
– Build your reputation. Sharing (curating) valuable content from other aligned pages can help here.

Hope this helps a little… you should be able to find that particular interview once you’ve located the podcast if you’re keen.

Best of luck!