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Stuart B
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JohnTranter, post: 223124, member: 20554 wrote:
Out of interest, what were the Pros given of having a free email address over a custom one? Other than (small) cost and (small) hassle, I can’t think of one.

Here are a few…

  • It’s free and takes 5 minutes to setup.
  • It advertises your web site = more visitors = more customers.
  • People trust your business more.
  • More trust = more customers so your business be better off.

You are definitely correct in that! The fact is having a custom email is not a reliable indicator and stems from the fact that people don’t have an understanding of how little is actually involved in setting one up.

However for me that’s the main argument for having a custom email in the first place. I’m in the business of getting more students to my courses, not trying to educate the world about the folly of how they judge people based on email addresses.
I could take a stand with a hotmail address and puff my chest out, or I could just take 5 minutes, set one up and ensure I’m getting the maximum number of clients for my marketing dollar.

As you say the customer might move on based on their incorrect judgement and miss an opportunity to be a client of mine, but I’d rather the feeling of collecting their membership fees and THEN proving that I provide a great service. Why make life harder for my business to grow?

The reality in this scenario is that they’d take their money elsewhere (probably to someone else who is willing to spend 5 minutes setting up a custom email).
They’ll find another service provider, never learn a thing about their email judgments and the world keeps turning but I’ve missed out on a client. :( Doesn’t sound like the best strategy when I’m trying to grow a business.

At the end of the day most of the people (and I’m not trying to include you in this, because you had a specific use case) who argue the merits of using free/generic emails for business just need to swallow their pride and get one, OR alternatively never complain that times are tough and they need more customers.