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Stuart B
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JohnTranter, post: 223131, member: 20554 wrote:
Hey Stuart, points 2,3 and 4 seem to be arguing for a custom email. Or can you explain to me how [email protected] is better than [email protected] for those points then.
Sorry I just don’t understand the argument.

Sorry John I read your question backwards lol just disregard. When I was typing my reply to you I was thinking “man I’m sure I just explained all this” lol.

From my experience the majority of arguments FOR a hotmail address vs a custom address are all about “it’s an unfair judgement” or “i don’t want to be in business with people who think that way”. When I read that I immediately think (well hopefully your competitors are also very picky in choosing their clients).

It’s not surprising that the people who say those things are also typically using generic email addresses. To be honest I think when people who are using generic emails read stuff like this they get kind of defensive because they feel like the spotlight is being put on them and they have to defend their position.

For anyone who is reading this and you’re using a generic email address, please understand that I am not judging you or saying you’re a bad person or anything. :D