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I preface my comments by stating I don’t use a free email address, before I am labeled as one of those people who should just swallow my pride and get a custom email address. And as such I am not getting defensive, or that the spotlight is on me, or defending my position.

But 2 reasons I can think of up front for people not having customized emails.

  • They just don’t know that their website comes with customized email address’s.
  • They don’t know that it is a “”simple”” to setup
  • And just on that simple 5 minute setup, is it really just a 5 minute setup, I question if it is really only a 5 minute setup for an relatively experienced person.

A thing that is often forgotten by the marketing industry, the IT industry, the SEO industry is that a lot of small business owners aren’t technologically savvy, they don’t have IT degree’s, and more importantly they have 2 million other responsibilities to know or understand the options. Most don’t have a huge IT department behind them, they are the IT department but don’t have a clue about it, and yes I have just made an argument to outsource, but a lot of small business don’t have the dollars to think about these things.