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I built a hugely successful training business selling to psychologists on a yahoo email. They’re more interested in professionalism than just about any other industry. It really doesn’t matter. In fact, you might even piggy back on a recognised brand. I was often concerned that Yahoo was a bit immature-sounding but it made no difference.

Sure, someone could always retort that the business could have done even better on a private domain, or point out that I didn’t A/B test so how do I know? I wouldn’t be convinced, though, because if that many people were buying a very expensive course every year, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be more.

That said, these days I prefer my own domain. I just feels more special to me (I don’t like other people’s branding on my WordPress plugins either). You can always forward everything to your preferred system e.g., gmail, zoho, yahoo, etc and Send From/As your domain. It could help sediment your brand in people’s minds if they keep seeing it.