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Byron Trzeciak
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This is not meant to be rude Markyj but is this something you’re talking about for an established business or for a business that you’re currently defining and launching?

I was given two pieces of advice when I started out that I’ve held very close to me:

1. Know your process

How long does it take to build a website?
Will you host it and will you need to support the site if the hosting goes offline?
Will you write the articles or will someone else? How long will it take to research and write or how much will it cost to pay someone to do it for you?
How long will you need to review paid campaigns each week? Do you have enough time to test and trial better performing adverts and make adjustments for non performing campaigns?

$2000 dollars per month sounds like alot of money but to do all of what you’ve said well and provide a return to the customer I think would be very unlikely.

Know the exact process for each service, the time it takes and buffer for your worst case client scenario.

2. Better to be great at something than average at everything

Like others have mentioned you need to be offering significant value in order to charge the big coin. In order to create value and produce ROI you need to be doing something significantly well.

If you spread yourself thin it means that you’ll be average at everything and a specialist at nothing. You might think it’s untrue but I guarantee you can’t keep up with someone that is solely focused on a single or handful of services only.

Paid advertising is basically gambling if you don’t have the skills to manage a clients campaign. They’ll also be getting charged their adwords / facebook budget on top of this so realistically you’re looking for a 2.5 – 3k client per month. They exist of course but the more they pay the more you’ll need to convince them your worth it and you have proven results.