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markyj, post: 223196, member: 47081 wrote:
Ah, the old ROI question. Might have to create s separate thread for that ;)

No need for a separate thread on ROI, it belongs with your offering, a lot of service providers forget to mention ROI in their offering, but for your average potential client it is front and centre of their thought process. The first question I ask myself, and I am sure most other business owners ask is, Can I get my money back plus X percentage to make it a worthwhile investment.

Just as an example I also sell online products, when I go to a wholesaler, I look at the offering, and my first thought is would my clients pay the price the wholesaler is charging me, plus a minimum of 100%, if the answer to that is no, I say NO.

Even in my current business, when I go to a client they look at return on investment, in my case, will there property look up to the standard they want for the $’s I am asking. Its not a monetary ROI but its a tangible ROI in their eyes. Although having said that some look at the additional time they can spend at work, or sit in front of the TV. But it is still all a ROI in their eyes.

For any most potential clients the ROI is number 1, 2 and 3 in the thinking process. Then throw in trust, experience, quality of the offering, etc.